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The toddler hid behind the refrigerator when people came to visit.
The little girl bravely ventured outside to see the world,
ever watchful, stationed securely behind her older brother.

The young girl discovered books and began a lifelong affair with
the written word.

Traveling through life, libraries always on her path,
She discovered books could take her wherever she wished to go.

A young woman, emerges, no longer shy, perhaps private,
left with gifts delivered by her shyness.

Her greatest gifts; to observe, to feel, to care, and the
desire to write.

Lynn Coulibaly

Lynn Coulibaly

Perhaps my poem says it all. If not...

Having authored my first book with my own life's moon in its waning, the story about me could, but will not, be my memoir. After all, I still see more books in my future! (And I hope you will read them all!)

Let me just say that all my life, inspired by reading books of all kinds, I have wanted to write. Throughout my early years, I dabbled in writing—jotting down tidbits here and there, mostly fiction, and sometimes drawing from my own life.

I was born in Deadwood, South Dakota, raised in Pendleton and Portland, Oregon until a move with my own family brought me to Seattle, Washington. Along the way, I attended to the realities of life. After completing my Masters Degree in Nursing, in addition to being a mom, I worked as a nurse—at the bedside, in an office, in schools, in communities, teaching, as a consultant, and for the longest and most fulfilling time, as a Nurse Administrator in a community hospital ironically named General Hospital. In addition to my family and nursing, politics also became an important focus of my life (this, perhaps not surprisingly, after having attended the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago.) After years of active participation in politics at the county and state levels, to this day it is a key commitment of mine to do my part to support efforts to move our country forward towards a more peaceful and tolerant world.

It wasn't until after I retired from my professional career, that I completed and published my first novel, The Six Daughters of Joaquin Miguel Salvador. I loved writing it and sincerely hope that you have, or will soon, love reading it. Comments from my readers tell me that it has caught and held their attention, and that they have found it moving. I'd love to know what you think. My Contact page will tell you how to send your comments to me.

As for me, at this time, I live happily in my condo with my cat, Chi (pronounced Chai,) in the Pacific Northwest. While Chi supervises, I am working on my second novel, What I Didn't Know About Michael. Check out my News section to learn more about that endeavor. Oh, and if you have already read The Six Daughters of Joaquin Miguel Salvador, I want you to know that it is not a series, and my second book is about an entirely different Michael.