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The Six Daughters of
Joaquin Miguel Salvador

The Six Daughters of Joaquin Miguel Salvador

In the small village of Santa Cruz, located on the Island of Flores in the North Atlantic Sea, an Azorean fisherman, Joaquin Miguel Salvador, makes the biggest decision of his life. He will leave Portugal's Azores islands and journey to America to find another Santa Cruz—this one in California.

He dreams of making a better life for his wife, himself, and the son he longs to have. Trying six times to become a father to the son he so desperately wants, Miguel is left in disbelief at God's decision each time to send him a daughter.

Sharing her father's strong Azorean heritage, each daughter follows her own path in life: some leading to joy, others to tragedy and sadness. Michael, in a vain effort to keep his daughters close to home, bequeaths them shares in a parcel of land called Bonny Doon. The daughters use their land to pursue their dreams in ways their father could never have imagined. Also, unbeknownst to Michael, a villain lurks within his Azorean genes, emerging as the devastating illness, Joseph's Disease, causing pain, suffering, and even death to his loved ones.

The Six Daughters of Joaquin Miguel Salvador is one family's story of love and dreams: some fulfilled, others denied.

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Critics' Praise

Recommended by the Tribuna Portuguesa in the January 15, 2013 edition!

Readers' Praise

"I started the book and didn't put it down for 225 pages!...a wonderful knack for story telling...clear gift for evoking a sense of place....descriptions so vivid that I almost feel as though I had been there—or at least seen them in a movie. The bakery, and mansion in Providence, the house and garden in Santa Cruz, CA, the bar and apartment upstairs, the ranch in Montana—all fully formed and in Technicolor."
   —Susan Lawless, Seattle, Washington

"I was absolutely moved throughout it and was in tears at the end."
   —Joann Casciato, Tigard, Oregon

"This was a very well written book that got my attention and kept it. This book was so real and has a little something for everyone. Lynn is an excellent writer, and her story is full of color, depth, and passion."
   —Dr. Barbara Bennett Peterson, Author-Biographer, LaQuinta, California

"Excellent book; really well written."
   —Colleen Upright, (Summerfield Librarian), Tigard, Oregon

" impressed I don't know what words to use. Reveals Lynn's gift of weaving a story...a very acute eye for detail. ....all the textures which made the story alive...the scenery, the rooms, the character of each individual."
   —The Rev. Robin Moore, Grapeview, Washington

"The book grabbed my interest and I read the novel in less than two days. It was hard to put down. The story transported me to the very places she wrote about and the story was powerful. The novel was very well written and the characters made me feel as if I were right there with them."
   —Diana Smith, Tigard, Oregon

"...since (husband) died, I have not read much. I just couldn't keep my mind on a book. Then you handed me the book written by (Lynn Coulibaly) and because you are my neighbor I began to read and am almost finished. I didn't want to put it down."
   —Georgina (last name and address withheld upon request)