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Thanks for stopping by my website. I'm glad you are here.

Perhaps you came here looking for a good new book to read (and aren't we who love to read always looking for one of those!) Maybe you would like one that will take you to a place you might not yet have been, or to learn about another's family's dream and journey. If so, take a look at my Books page and check out my first novel, The Six Daughters of Joaquin Miguel Salvador. It will take you from a village—Santa Cruz, on the island of Flores in the Portuguese Azores Islands—to another Santa Cruz—this one in California. You will meet an Azorean man and travel with him as he seeks a new life for his family. You will experience the love, joy, and sometimes sadness as you follow the paths taken by each of his unexpected six daughters. You will come to understand why their father says:

" is like um bom guizado Portuguese:
A good Portuguese stew full of so many different
Ingredients, each rich and spicy, making each bite
a unique experience to be savored."
Joaquin Miguel Salvador

Or perhaps you'd like to know what's coming down the pipeline. If so, go to my News page and read about the novel I'm working on now. What I Didn't Know About Michael is about an extraordinary man who, throughout his life's journey, has gathered a diverse and fascinating group of friends. As a child, Michael's father left him and his mother. Heartbroken, and without this man he had loved so much, Michael goes on to accomplish extraordinary things. Throughout his travels to far reaching parts of the globe, Michael has kept watch over, not just abandoned children, but all the world's children. Join with a group of his life-long friends as they discover so many things about Michael they didn't know about him. I guarantee you will be in for a few surprises.

And please don't leave without stopping by my Contact page and leaving your name and email address. After you read my book, please be sure to let me know what you thought about it and what emotions it might have stirred. From the feedback I have received so far, I think you will be entertained.